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Many students from India strongly believe that academics in the USA is very expensive. However, the reality is that you can avail affordable education in top-ranked Universities and Colleges in the USA. We custom-select premium universities in the USA for students from India. The Quality of education as well as the validity of certifications are also unmatched.

  • Total Fees as low as 20 Lakh
  • Pay fees only after getting Visa
  • STEM designated Courses
  • 5-year valid Visa
  • Part-time Jobs on the university campus 
  • Scholarship options
  • Master program and Bachelor programs 
  • Free Service Options

Master’s Programmes offered by Gannon University,
Study in USA

Nationally ranked University.

Top tier university  in USA.

Ranked #91 for best engineering programs.

A decade of Excellence, Since 1925.

Documents Required to Apply for an academic program in the USA

Ease the application process as you begin your search for excellence in the ever-changing field of study in USA. We would also like to state that the entire service we provide to help you secure admission to a US university is completely free. You just need to pay for the university alone. Course fees start at $19500–$26850. However, there are a few documents that you need to keep handy to complete the application process. The following is a checklist of documents required.

  • Degree semester-wise mark list
  • Consolidated mark list
  • Transcript
  • Degree certificate / Provisional certificate
  • Passport front and back side
  • SOP
  • 2 LOR
  • Passport size Photo
  • CV
  • IELTS (Min. 6)
  • SSLC,  Plus 2  Certificates / Mark List
  • Letter from the bank (with a 25 lakh deposit)
study in USA
  • The Education system in the USA is one of the best in the world and much sought. USA is the home to many coveted Universities like the Stanford University and the Harvard
  • The USA is the largest and the most powerful economy in the world
  • You get an opportunity to pursue part time jobs in the university campus itself and parallelly get involved in research activities
  • The United States of America is a cross section of the world cultures. Pursuing a program here will change your world view
  • The Certificates and Courses from the USA is internationally recognized and accepted
  • The number of specialized programs are immense and there are bigger number of colleges and Universities to choose from
  • You could drastically improve your English communication skills and could transform yourself into a global citizen.
  • Pay your tuition fees only after getting US Visa
  • 5 year valid Student Visa and chances for HIB Visa after this period.
  • High rated universities with Tuition fee even lesser than many colleges in UK and Canada.

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Empower Your Journey: Study in the USA for Endless Possibilities.

Starting a study abroad program in the USA is the first step toward unmatched academic success and personal development. There are many respectable universities in the USA and a state-of-the-art learning environment that provides a wealth of chances. Take in the vast richness and intellectual ideals of American culture by immersing yourself in it. Set out on your journey of transformation and discover the endless opportunities that study in USA offers.

As a hub for cutting-edge research, the US fosters an environment that inspires wonder and unleashes boundless creativity. Whether you’re interested in studying business, science, technology, or the arts, American universities offer a wide selection of degrees to meet your interests. Work with brilliant people from around the globe, engage with top academics, and challenge yourself to reach new intellectual frontiers.

Studying abroad in the US is more than just picking up a degree; it’s a life-changing experience that will shape your personality, extend your horizons, and provide the foundation for a prosperous and fulfilling future. Let America be the blank canvas that you will use to build your intellectual and artistic masterpiece. Dare to imagine and venture forth fearlessly.